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 About PEWiN

 The name of the workshop

The Fourth International Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Networks (PEWiN-2012)

 A description of workshop objectives and structure :

    Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Networks (PEWiN-2012), as an international workshop, is devoted to deeper understanding in the performance evaluation and simulation techniques of wireless networks including mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, underwater sensor networks, and all kinds of wireless networks.

    Wireless networks raise a number of interesting and undiscovered performance evaluation and simulation issues, while traditional techniques are not sufficient to analyze, evaluate, and simulate proposed wireless algorithms or systems in the right way. For example, the algorithms and systems in vehicular ad hoc networks require a high degree of communication reliability, short communication delay, scalability, security, and privacy-preserving technologies under harsh condition. Researchers not only need to design practical distributed and centralized algorithms, but also need to introduce novel theoretical models or evaluation methodologies to challenge various kinds of research problems originated from these wireless networks.

   The workshop is intended to encourage idea sharing and cooperation among researchers in wireless networks, and push the theoretical and practical research forward for a deeper understanding in the theoretical modeling, evaluation and analysis techniques, and simulation methods in wireless networks. Authors are invited to submit papers presenting new research related to the theory or practice of wireless network simulations, modeling, and analysis. All submissions must describe original research, not published or currently under review for another workshop, conference, or journal.